Teach Chinese students part-time from your home

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Hi there! Our business is pretty simple.

China's ESL market is expanding rapidly and we need trained educators to meet this demand.

We pay top market rates, up to $25 CAD/h, for you to teach a minimum of 10 hours a week from 6 PM to 9 PM EST from the comfort of you own home

English to unite


What's more, after a year of teaching online with us, we can send you to premium Chinese locations like Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. Experience life in a vibrant cosmopolitan city, expanding your horizons, building friendships, experiences and memories to last a life-time

Build your resume

Online teaching with us will give you valuble experience to help launch or further your career.

Young Chinese Students Online Teacher Chinese high school girls
We pay top rates for top candidates

Meet some of our teachers

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Matteo Payne
History teacher, Alberta, Canada

During and after graduating with my education degree, the home job market was a little difficult. Teaching ESL online kept my teaching instincts sharp.

I was happy to have this opportunity and have recommended it to several friends.

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Cameron Kelly
ESL teacher, Chengdu China

After one year of teaching online, supplementing my income while working also as a private tutor in Australia, I took the plunge and now live and work in China.

It was the right career move for me, although now I may never come home!

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Gabriel Gill
English teacher, Halifax, Canada

At first I was not sure I would be able to teach online effectively, but with the support and materials I got my fears were soon put at ease

The rate was suprisingly good. I did a lot of comparisons but the benefits could not be beat. I'd definitely recommend it.

Let's get down to business.

Contact Me

I'm a faculty member at the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto, Canada

For the quickest route, make a video up to one minute based on the ones above and send it along with your SkypeID,
copies of your resume, certificate/diploma and photo to: Mark.Anderson@guelphhumber.ca

You may get the position directly from that submission, or we may contact you for a Skype interview to get some additional information.

Or if you don't have all that ready, just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you to remind you to send what we require

Note that in the form you need to send your LinkedIn address.